ACIM Lesson 85

I believe in the power of positive thinking, so I find it very powerful to reframe the lessons of A Course in Miracles into positive affirmations.  Here is my reframe of Lesson 85 for today:

I have no need for this. I ​choose to see.
​I remember the Source of my salvation​ — the light of Love within me.​

​​Grievances hide the light of the world​ which is​ in me​, so ​I​ lay grievances aside.
I ​choose​ to see​ the light​, and this ​is​ the means by which I ​succeed.​

​My salvation comes from me.

I recognize where my salvation is.
It is in me because its Source is there.
​I​ts Source,​ ​​is in my mind.
​It is ​within me​ and it extends beyond​ me into the world​
​Everything I see reflects​ the light that shines in me and in itself.

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