My current favorite read is This Life is Joy by Roger Teel. He is the Senior Minister and Spiritual Director at Mile Hi Church in Boulder Colorado. The reason I like his work so much is that he is able to integrate the teachings of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, A Course in Miracles, … More

We Always Know

We always know. The 5 Steps for Hearing The Voice for Love meditation practice enables you to access what you know. Your mind is one with God’s mind. You are Divinely guided to your highest and best. Just allow it to flow in and through you.


Have you heard of A Course in Miracles?  Marianne Williamson is one of the best known teachers of it. My favorite teacher, Bijan Anjomi was a student of the Course for many years. The Voice for Love practice that I’m becoming certified to teach is based on The Course also.  I took a class with Marianne on Oprah XM … More Peace

The Power of Love

Now that I teach and practice the 5 Step Voice for Love meditation practice, I understand these quotes in a way I never did before. I’m so excited to be teaching this practice and to share Eva’s beautiful video with you. In joy,   Video: The Power of Love | Eva Gregory.

Another great perspective from Rev. Christian and Rev. Welda.   I highly recommend this book. In Joy – Mardi   April 20  Energetic Patterns Looking out from the fiftieth story of a high-rise, you can see for miles. You are able to see the energy of the day begin and unfold as more and more people … More