Meditation #1 What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

A Spiritual Mind Treatment for living a life I love today A “Spiritual Mind Treatment” is a form of prayer that connects us with universal spiritual principles and trains our minds into ways of thinking that create the magnificent lives we were designed to live. It treats the mind for any unhealthy thinking like a … More Meditation #1 What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?


Staying connected to God’s guidance all day creates amazing manifestations of good. Today I am going focus on staying connected and guided in every moment.   I’m going to start putting stars on my wall calendar for the days I stay in that consciousness.  “That on which you focus expands.” Today I feel so full … More Gratitude

I Know Who I Am

This prayer, from Creative Thought magazine, conveys the belief system underlying Science of Mind. It has a lot in common with the Hindu belief system. Thomas Troward was a major influence on Ernest Holmes and Troward lived in India and studied many world religions, as did Holmes. The prayers in the magazines always include a … More I Know Who I Am