Happy New Year

A lovely prescription for a happy new year from The Joyous Living Journal….. December 30 Release the Past This past year, you have done good and given love. You have accomplished, created, and enjoyed things. Find every ounce of good, and praise it! Just don’t take anything into the New Year that doesn’t serve your highest good and your … More Happy New Year

Happy Winter Solstice

December 21 Winter Solstice   There have been celebrations around the winter solstice since people began watching the sky. Man has lived in touch with the rhythm of the cycles of life since we first walked this earth. The realization that the darkest of times has ended and the light of possibilities is returning has … More Happy Winter Solstice

We all experience fear in certain situations.  Our “hot buttons” get pushed.  But these challenges are a gift–an opportunity to realize the truth of who we really are and to prove it. That is the true meaning of healing.  With time and experience, our living in this awareness becomes more consistent and our lives flow … More